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I come across a lot of material during my own “homework” or some related material which I would love to share with you.

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I hope you like it or if you would like to have links to my Spotify links, you will find them here as well.

S- Blues:

J- Blues:


I also really like Mississippi John Hurt radio (click to start playing)


What is Blues Dancing for me:

168840_488462905974_306239_neditBlues Dancing is a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music. As the variety of Blues music is vast, so are the styles of this dance: It started from solo movement (tribal/african-american dances), but with time, influenced by surroundings and copying the white dancers, evolved as a couple dance.


Today it’s danced in full body contact or solo allowing people to enjoy the dance from the most basic form and up to the most “Peacocking” moves.


Movement in Blues is lead by the music and the partner – both can be expressive using the principal “call and response” which opens a whole new world of non-verbal communication.

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