Selena’s birthday workshop@die blaue Stunde

July 5, 2016 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Die Blaue Stunde/Freudenzimmer
Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin

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Hey hey Berlin!
Life might be crazy with Berlin Summer Heat, but here are FOUR GREAT REASONS to come to Die Blau Stunde next Tuesday the 5th of July!

1.) I am celebrating my very first Berlin birthday!
2.) I’m celebrating by Teaching and DJing (subbing for Claire and Eran) a TWO HOUR workshop with Oli Fuhrmann! Planning on ‘Come around to Counterbalance’ for the theme. See the end for the description.
20:00Uhr – 22:00Uhr ***** 22e/ 20e with Partner or for students.

3.) It’s gonna be NUTS because the California Feetwarmers are gonna be there too playing AMAZING music for you! What the whaaat!! It’s like two worlds of mine colliding!!
4.) You are awesome and I would love to see you and dance with you there!

So – if you can make it, fantastic. If you can’t, please share this event in lieu of attending!! I will love you anyway =)

Here’s the main event:
Freudenzimmer: Mehringdamm 61, second staircase in the Backyard

*There are not two separate donation boxes for the Blues Room vs the Main Room DJs/Band, so please make sure to donate appropriately!! Thank you!
Topic Description:
The workshop is for Intermediate (and up) level Lindy or Blues dancers, interested in learning Smooth Style Lindy, which can also be danced as Slow Lindy. We will work mainly on the difference in connection, counterbalance, shapes, overrotation, and stylings, within basic moves like side passes and the swingout. You should have an idea of how to do the swingout, and some 6 count moves. We are thinking 1.5hrs for the mini routine, then last half hour to add stylings to it.
Your instructors: Selena Kruse and Oli Fuhrmann
There will be a Blues party afterwards, and if there is a demand, I can also teach a Blues taster at ~22:15. Hope to see you there!

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