Blues Fusion Party

April 15, 2017 @ 21:00
Die Blaue Stunde
Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin
min 8€

On popular demand, we bring to you a Blues Fusion party!

As part of the Balboa Workshop with Anna and Nejc we are going all out to give you a Die Blaue Stunde special edition with a bunch of cool stuff too extravagant for a Tuesday night.

The infamous  Julien Guillaume is flying in from Toulouse to serve us a range of musical delicacies, ranging from Blues to Fusion. Our very own neon blues is preparing to take you on a journey from Blues to Electro and back.

Fusion dancing combines different movements, styles and techniques to create a new aesthetic. Typically it leaves more room for improvisation and different lead-follow-approaches putting an emphasis on musicality rather than patterns.
So you’ll be exposed to a bunch of great music that isn’t blues but creates a similar mood and to get us all more comfortable with this foreign concept of “just dancing together” Julien will teach a

free taster class at 22:30 in the Blues Room

He will focus on using blues moves in a slightly different way to match the music and mix in other influences depending on the music.

In the big room, live music will be provided by Die Abrissbirnen with at least one super special guest – maybe even more special than what we’ve been enjoying this year so far (if that’s possible). More details on: Saturday night workshop party with live music!

There will also be a potluck, so whip us up something nice and share your ultimate dish with your fellow dancers. Best recipes win a dance with their favorite dance partner (multiple winners possible). Judges: you.

Shape up for some soul shaking music and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
Can’t wait to see you all at

Doors open at 21:00, entrance is from 8€ to I’mfeelinggenerous (we suggest 10€ or more)