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Going out to dance means opening up to other people. Classes introduce hierarchy. Musical tastes differ. Lots of opportunities for things to go a bit awry and it can easily happen that someone feels uncomfortable…

We want to make sure that our Blues scene is welcoming and open to everyone. So if you encounter any problematic behavior by others (whether they are other dancers, bar staff, teachers or organizers), or if you just have some helpful tips for how to improve the website, or the song selection of a DJ, or if you just want to let us know if you REALLY enjoyed a guest teacher and we should bring him back, LET US KNOW so we can do something about it!

Please include any relevant details so we can forward your feedback to the right person (e.g. if you want to provide feedback for the DJ, please include the date and venue). This form is anonymous, so if you want us to get back to you, please remember to also include your email address.

Bitte gib uns hier alle notwendigen Angaben, damit wir Dein feedback an die richtige Person weiterleiten können (wenn Du zB. einem DJ feedback geben willst, dann gib den Namen – falls Du ihn kennst – aber auf jeden Fall das genaue Datum der Party an).

Das Formular ist anonym – falls Du von uns eine Rückmeldung möchtest, dann gib bitte hier auch Deine email mit an.


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