Class summaries (Video)

Need some new ideas for your Blues dancing but can’t wait til the next workshop? Want to go again over Blues fundamentals (always a good idea!). Look below for a collection of video class summaries.

Of course, just watching a video doesn’t replace taking a real class, but you might find it useful for remembering moves you learned a while ago in class (and then forgot about)…

Blues Intro Class

A quick summary of a beginner blues workshop taught by Campbell Miller and Andrew Smith.

Fast Blues

Ever wondered how to dance to faster Blues tracks? Check out these videos! Taught by Campbell Miller and Philippe Wilson.

Drag Blues

Drag Blues is a specific style of Blues that has its roots in the Slow Drag.

This video series by Joe DeMers goes well beyond a quick class summary. In over 4 hours, it covers not only dance moves and connection, but also a lot of information on the cultural and historical background of the dance.

Solo Blues

Yes, Blues can also be danced solo! Let Joe DeMers and John Joven give you an overview of Solo movements.

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