Etiquette on the dancefloor

Dance Etiquette in the year 1900…


Blues is a bar/pub dance, not a high-society dance! It is not surrounded by weird and outdated rituals and customs. So just have fun and be respectful toward others – just like in any other social context!

However, it is good to think every once in a while about how we behave on and around the dance floor – because this ultimately determines whether everyone will have a great time at our parties and whether our community can continue to grow.

So here are some excellent articles and thoughts on what you can do to help create an inclusive and positive atmosphere for everyone:

Image credits:
Images from page 21 of “Dancing : a complete instructor and guide to all the new and standard dances, with a full list of calls for all the square dances : the necessary music for each figure, etiquette of the dances, and one hundred figures for the German. Creative Commons, source: Flickr



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